Sherika Tenaya

Sherika received her 500 hour interdisciplinary training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2015 and has been teaching in the Boise community ever since. She taught at Sage Yoga & Wellness, as well as Urban Ascent Climbing Gym, Asana Climbing Gym, & The Base Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym and has offered multiple workshops in the local community as well as various locales abroad.

Sherika is passionate about human connection, relationships and sexuality and is currently studying to become a certified Somatic Sex Educator & Sexological Bodyworker through a school based out of Canada. Since somatic sexuality is a body-based perspective, many of the teachings translate to her yoga practice in the form of sensual embodiment and her yoga classes tend to have sprinklings of knowledge from this schooling. Additionally her yoga has further been informed by a 6 month long mentorship with Shakti Temple Arts in which she is currently enrolled and learning the modalities of Tantra Yoga, Temple Dance, and the Taoist Feminine Arts.

Coming from a lifelong love affair for sports, specifically martial arts, soccer, track and more recently climbing, mountain biking and kayaking – she has learned the importance of balancing active engagement with the body with softer, slower, more restorative forms of movement that enhance mobility/flexibility and support the body in the long term – and it is this intention that informs the movement flows of all her classes.

Known for her soothing voice and approachable movement flows, detailed knowledge of postural alignment and clear verbal cues, Sherika can easily invite you into the deeper layers of your Self. Come take a journey with her on Sunday evenings.  

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