Robbie Myers

I’m an RYT-500 certified by the Yoga Alliance. I’ve completed both my 200 & 300 hr programs at Sage Yoga & Wellness in Boise, Idaho. I will continue to learn and develop my personal practice as well as what I teach. I’m grateful for my teachers, in and out of Yoga.

I believe that the meaning of Yoga (to yoke or unite) is about unveiling who you are. Like recognizing oneself as a singular planet in our massive Universe. All lifeforms connected to a bigger system. Realizing, even in our practice, we all have individual needs with communal responsibility. To do this we must take personal responsibility in finding out what works for us and what doesn’t.

The Yoga tree has many leaves. Giving us many options to figure out our personal mix. In this way, Yoga can lead to intimate self-discovery. Creating the sense of Connectedness. My hopes as a teacher is to be a guide. To help others find their own self-discovery. In hopes that their path to themselves can be quicker than mine. And in that, may I continue to spread Braddah’s Love.

I teach asana, breathwork, meditation, but my ultimate favorite is Yoga Nidra. I love to tell stories in a way that gives people back their agency and inner power. To give them a visualization that they may currently be unable to imagine due to their mindset. Pulling from what has inspired me, I love to use creativity with Yoga. (Yes, you will hear about Star Wars and Frodo at some point). Come and share a not-so-serious experience by taking one of my classes. I’ll be thrilled you came! Learn more about Robbie at What’s Your Waffle.