Marcy Midnight

Marcy Midnight is committed to empowering others with her intuitive, authentic teaching. Rooted in Tantric yoga principles and her years of training with master yogini Shiva Rea, Marcy offers creative vinyasa sequences, mantra, pranayama, focused intention, meditation, and spontaneous movement to unite mind, body, and spirit.
Her vinyasa flow classes integrate breath with movement, form, and flow and strength with deep relaxation. Through intelligent sequences, self-inquiry, breathwork, and intention setting, she cultivates a strong presence and guides students through a transformative experience in a safe, inclusive, and accessible atmosphere. She believes the intelligence of the body, wisdom of the heart, and focused mind are our best guides to consciously awaken to our highest potential.

Currently studying with Seane Corn and Off the Mat, Into the World™, Marcy is passionate about integrating the philosophy and ethics of yoga into our everyday choices and actions—encouraging conscious awakening individually, locally, and globally.