Resilience and Wellbeing

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” – Carl Jung

Resilience is the cumulative knowledge, beliefs and skills that underpin wellbeing.

Resilient people have deeper reservoirs to draw upon during tough times and they typically bounce back quicker when faced with a challenge. This lowers anxiety and depression, improves physical and mental health, and ultimately leads to higher levels of function.

Our resilience and wellbeing program delivers measurable and impactful changes to individual and team capacity in order to cope with the normal and abnormal stresses of everyday life, shifting perspectives on the ‘stress experience’ from a fixed to a growth mindset – from surviving to thriving.

Some of the material we cover in our program includes:

  • Resilience – mechanisms for modern living
  • The psychology and physiology of stress – diet, exercise and rest
  • The power of habit and ritual
  • Strengths and goal setting
  • Hacking the brain and nervous system
  • Reflective practice and continuous learning
  • The creative workforce
  • Getting, and staying, in the state of flow
  • Creating resilient workspaces

Our Facilitators

To help people master adversity rather than avoid it, True North Yoga facilitators have delivered  scientifically supported resilience and wellbeing programs to groups of all sizes from yoga teacher trainings to Fortune 500 companies.

Paul Graham is the co-owner of True North Yoga and the Lead Facilitator for the True North Resilience and wellbeing program. He is also Director of JVAT Americas and a former Australian Army Infantry Officer. Paul has delivered the program to over 300 participants from the Oil and Gas, Banking, Government, Defence, Utilities and Emergency Services sectors.

  • Master of Business – Master of Project Management

Ted Burgess is a published author, teacher, and has practiced psychotherapy for the past 25 years.  He works for the United States Department of Defense as the Director of Psychological Health for the Army National Guard in Idaho.  He has keynoted at numerous medical and business conferences, speaking about mindfulness and resilience.  

  • Master of Clinical Social Work

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