Functional Medicine Coaching

Hi there, I’m Rachael.
You may be wondering what is Functional Medicine Coaching?

Functional Medicine Health Coaching or Lifestyle Medicine partners with individuals in a client-centered process to support their health and well-being. I’m trained to work closely with clients (or patients) around all lifestyle factors such as sleep, relaxation, movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships that influence health. I support behavior change, using techniques such as motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry – while establishing rapport, connecting, and building trust. The coaching process is successful because it empowers clients to draw on internal strengths, develop self-knowledge and embrace self-management strategies in order to make the often-challenging lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health.

I whole-heartedly believe that it is the relationship we hold with ourselves that creates the foundation for our behavior. We all possess the innate wisdom and power to heal in order to live in vibrant alignment with our true nature. Just as we experience in the practice of yoga, everything is connected – our body, mind, heart and spirit. Even our cells are listening. In my experience, when we feel connected and safe, as a whole, we begin to heal and thrive.

For True North Yoga students, I am offering a package of four 1-hour sessions (or eight 30 minute sessions) for the price of 199.00!

Please visit my website at for more information and to book a complimentary intro appointment. You can also email me at

Rachael McGrath graduated from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and in the owner of Cilantro Road. She is a yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and was certified through Shanti Yoga School.