True North Yoga grand opening is July 24-25.  Sign up to take complimentary classes, activities and events.  Come and meet our teachers, enjoy refreshments, take part in the studio blessing ceremony and much more!  View our grand opening weekend on the class schedule and sign up!

True North Yoga offers a diverse menu of classes allowing students access to a portfolio of movement.  Classes with physical intensity such as Power Yoga serve a purpose to get the body moving, increase energy and feel alive!  Sleep yoga is equally important as it allows time for the mind to settle, defrag and unwind.  Iyengar practice provides the much needed support in alignment and awareness of their own unique body in yoga postures setting you up for a healthy life long practice.  Each class is additive setting up the foundation for a healthy body and calm mind.  Students are encouraged to take a variety of classes each week for optimal results.

Practice Tips:

  • Showing up is the most important part of yoga
  • We recommend that you do not eat 1 hour before class.  You should also come to class well-hydrated.
  • Let your instructor know of any injuries or if you are pregnant
  • Practice present moment awareness while in poses, backing away from pain and not pushing the body too far risking injury
  • Take a break when needed and rest
  • To obtain more benefit from your practice, students are encouraged to attend classes at least three times a week.  See class descriptions here.