About Us

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art, science, and philosophy that emphasizes performing one’s daily responsibilities with awareness, integrity, and compassion.  From Sanskrit, the word “yoga” translates as union of the mind, body, and spirit. For many, that includes an ongoing practice of yoga postures, meditation and personal reflection.  The practice of yoga illuminates the path of purpose called dharma helping us to orient towards health and happiness in the modern world.

True North Yoga

True North Yoga has two beautiful studio spaces in one location in Boise’s North End neighborhood.  We offer hot, warm and non-heated yoga options with varying levels of intensity.   True North Yoga has been voted “Best of Boise” since opening the doors in July 2021.  True North Yoga teachers offer the highest quality in yoga instruction, meditation and yoga philosophy.  We like to bring in elements of yoga that helps us live our best life. It’s common to hear people laughing in class as we like to have fun and not take life so seriously.  Owners Naomi Jones and Paul Graham are long time yoga students and teachers in Boise. They are grateful for the opportunity to create a space for others in the pursuit true purpose and living your best life.

Our goals are to:

  • provide high-quality instruction with a variety of class options and educational opportunities
  • create an environment that fosters your ability to discover true purpose and satisfaction in everyday life on and off the yoga mat

Many Yoga Styles – One Purpose

Yoga is a multifaceted inquiry into the big questions such as Who Am I and What is My Life Purpose.  What yoga philosophy makes clear in all styles is that yoga postures are one aspect of the practice of yoga. At True North we offer a diverse yoga posture practice as well as other aspects of yoga led inquiry. All are highly beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. 

Please visit our Class Description page to learn more.